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My Profile

Q. 1   How do I log into my account?

1. Locate the My Profile login box in the left navigation panel. 2. Enter your user name and password and click the login button.

Q. 2   Can I change my username?

Yes, you can change your username/email at any time, as well as any other information in your account (e.g. email address, password, etc.). Please, note that your email address is used as a unique identifier, so you can have only one account registered to a single email address. To change your login or demographic information: 1. Login to your My Profile account. 2. On the left navigation panel, click on: My info and make your desired changes. 3. Once finished, click on Update My Profile.

Q. 3   Can I use the same email to register several accounts?

No, you cannot use the same email. Your email is used as your username and must be unique.

Q. 4   How do I sign out?

Click on the logout button on the left navigation panel. You will be logged off and redirected to the home page of Testmyskills.in as a guest


Q. 5   Who develops Testmyskills tests?

Testmyskills tests are created by our team of psychologists, test developers, researchers, and statisticians. They utilize the most current and accurate research available. To learn more, read "The Science behind Testmyskills tests."

Q. 6   Are the TestMySkills tests scientifically valid?

Yes, all the tests on testmyskills.in that carry the "Scientifically Validated" seal are professionally developed. They are based on a large body of research, thorough statistical analysis and validation studies with tens of thousands of test-takers. Our assessments are developed by a team of experienced test developers led by Deepak Agarwal. Each test is well researched and developed according to industry standards. To learn more, read "The Science behind testmyskills tests."