Aptitude Testing

Aptitude Testing

Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests & Employment Aptitude Testing

“Whether you are a professional recruiter, general Human Resource manager, or an IT manager researching pre-employment career aptitude testing, you have a stake in your company’s legal employment aptitude test practices.”

If you are performing pre-employment testing research, keep in mind three objectives that employment aptitude test services should fulfill. Will the solution:

Make hiring more accurate?
Save your company money and increase your staff’s efficiency?
Enhance the legal compliance of your hiring practice?

Testmyskills delivers all three improvements with online career aptitude tests.

More Accurate Hiring With Aptitude Tests

Our easy-to-use interface lets customers select multiple subjects, each at the appropriate skill level needed, to create a job aptitude test personalized for their companies’ needs. Then our aptitude test software does the rest, generating a single test tailored for the specific demands of the position. The resulting aptitude test will be more relevant and accurate than any off-the-shelf single subject test and will screen candidates thoroughly. You can even pick your own questions or add your own content to your aptitude test!


Saving Money While Increasing Efficiency with a Computer Aptitude Test

Pay as little as per candidate tested, or if you’re interested in even higher-volume testing we can provide a quote. Publish your online aptitude tests on your company website or job advertisement and let the best candidates take the online aptitude test to pre-qualify themselves and do the work for you. Pre-screening all applicants with an aptitude test, including language aptitude tests, is not only fair employment testing practice, but also captures potential stars from all the applicants you might never get around seeing regardless of their references. This can all be done while keeping your employment testing budget under control.

Enhancing Legal Compliance through Career Aptitude Testing

The use of a validated pre-employment testing service can help you gather quantitative data that supports your hiring decisions more definitively than impressions, and independently of a candidate’s demographic background. Employment testing-a skills test and language aptitude test in particular- are closely connected to job-related skills. That makes their use highly defensible when legally challenged. Additionally, Testmyskills aptitude tests give multiple scores. For instance, in a Microsoft Office test an administrator would have separate scores for the Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint testing sections. Multiple scores from a single aptitude test give a clearer view of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and lead to a more informed hiring decision.

The most costly Aptitude Testing is on-the-job aptitude testing - that is, learning the level of a new employee's actual knowledge and ability after they've already been hired. Unfortunately for most employers, the results too often reveal that their candidate of choice didn't have the Aptitude and Skills they claimed on their resume and in the interview.

If you are not currently using any type of Aptitude Testing to pre-screen employees for your company, you will find the information we are about to share with you to be very enlightening: Aptitude Testing can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars that result from a bad hire and/or post-hiring training classes!  The HIRE SUCCESS Custom Aptitude Testing System can be an extremely valuable tool for your employee selection, development and management.