Call Center Testing

Call Center Testing

Pre-Employment Call Center Tests


Hiring effective call center clerks presents a unique challenge, especially when the training time is limited. It is important to find qualified candidates who can enter customer data accurately and communicate with customers effectively. A call center representative must come with a range of skills and be able to perform immediately. And, to succeed in hiring, you need to assess multiple skill levels for all your applicants.

Testmyskills online testing solutions can screen your applicants accurately and cost-effectively like no other testing product. Our test library has multiple subjects that you can combine, thus creating your own customized, pre-employment tests. You can create a call center test of any length to efficiently measure your applicants abilities and skill level in operating a global call center.

Relevant Call Center Tests Include

Keyboard testing for typing and data entry skills
Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access skills
Spelling and grammar
Listening skills
Basic computer skills
Math skills
And more…

Call Centre Performance Testing

This is short article about performance & testing a Contact / Call Centre (referred to subsequently as Contact Centre). Call Centre performance often refers to how quickly call centre personal answer a call or, what is the sound quality of the call. This article is about neither of these, it is much more about how the software and infrastructure perform, how quickly a telephone call is routed and how much capacity can your call centre handle.

A Contact Centre involves a complication of technologies and protocols.  A typical Contact Centre might communicate with its customers via phone calls, emails, Texts (SMS), online and Faxes.  The Contact Centre will need to route these communications to and from the most appropriate and available person (Agent).  The Contact Centre will also be collecting data about the customer interactions, providing contact information to the Agents and providing reports and analysis.

In order to load test a Contact Centre the following key items need to be considered:

    * Generating inbound phone call traffic

    * Generating outbound phone call traffic

    * Agent interactions with the Contact Centre application

    * Agent interactions with the customer via the multiple medias that may be supported 

    * Routing of phone calls to appropriate Agent

    * Generating a multiplicity of reports such as Agent, Supervisor and System

    * Deployment of new or modified Contact Centre configurations

    * Management and maintenance of the heirarchical structure of Agents, Supervisors, Groups and Queues