Employee Skills Testing

Employee Skills Testing

Employee Skills Testing and Survey Software


Test basic computing skills, MS Office, Word and Excel, listening ability, typing and keyboarding skills, plus many other job related skills.

testmyskills was designed as the next generation of online skills testing service, creating tests from multiple subjects that match your job requirements. When your organization adopts testmyskills into your recruiting process, you will be able to configure multi-subject tests that fit your job descriptions in minutes!

If your organization has ever used skills testing products, they were probably single-subject oriented, rather than job-based. It’s likely that each test only covered one subject, was of fixed length and difficulty, and perhaps even incurred a separate fee with every use. Yet, your jobs require knowledge of several areas, and you only have so much time and money to allocate to the skills screening process.

Our online skills testing services are time efficient and more accurate than single-subject alternatives. A typical help desk job might require general computer skills testing, Excel skills testing, and listening skills testing. A single test provided by our testing services can assess all three and provide a detailed diagnostic report.

According to the US Department of Labor’s  Uniform Guidelines the most important factor for industrial skills testing defensibility is the test’s job relevance. testmyskills – by allowing you to customize your tests to fit your jobs – provides more accurate and defensible tests than any pre-configured tests available.

Another benefit of Web-based skills testing is that your potential employees can take the test wherever is convenient for them. This saves you the groundwork of manually screening unqualified individuals. With our testing  plans , you can test every job ad respondent and simply set up interviews with the candidates who’ve demonstrated their skills.

Skills tests are available for all of the following:

Computer skills testing
Typing and data entry testing
Diagnostic testing of math skills
Industrial skills testing
Office skills testing
Testing Excel skills
Testing listening skills
Testing Microsoft skills
Or upload your own custom questions

Your organization can also use testmyskills as part of an employee skills testing program. Detailed solutions give instructional feedback to test takers who are given access to their scores. Internal team assessment scores can help management acquire benchmarks for measuring both internal improvement and for comparing external candidates against known talent.

Whether you require only intermittent skills testing, or need a more comprehensive platform for industrial skills testing, give us a call.

Sample one of testmyskills online skills tests or see how you can test with your own content by calling +91 9910466114.