English Language Testing

English Language Testing

Test Candidates for English Language Proficiency

Your employment staffs ability to communicate their thoughts to each other and especially to your customers can build or break down an organizations success. The most efficient way to avoid poor internal communication and negative customer service experiences is to use an English language test as part of the screening process for your business.

The online English proficiency tests from testmyskillís are easily customizable to fit the job requirements of any business. You can combine one or more of the subject areas below into a single job-based test, and at an appropriate difficulty level:

English grammar test
English spelling test
English comprehension test
English typing test

You can even select specific subtopics and specific English test questions if you want to tailor your occupational English test exactly to your needs. English language placement tests can be used to determine which position a candidate may be best suited for.

The online English language and open-ended writing tests from testmyskills are business-related but flexible enough for in-house staff assessment and general learning. With our testing plans, your entire staff can take English language and grammar tests. Their scores can be used to assess needs in any communication training needed.

Efficiency and Defensibility

Setting up an online English language proficiency test for all candidates not only screens-in exceptional communicators and weeds out unskilled ones, but provides quantitative data on each applicant, to support your hiring decisions.

A tests job relevance is the most critical factor in its usefulness and legal defensibility, and Testmyskills customized job-based online English proficiency tests are your best tool for making your hiring process more professional, and your candidate selection more defensible.


  Test Me Now 

Here is a comprehensive language test to test your current level of English. It tests your listening, grammar and reading skills and then gives you a rating between beginner and advanced. The test will take a few seconds to load, so please be patient. The whole test shouldn't take more than ten minutes to complete. If you have more time you might also like to try this