Pre-Employment screening

Pre-Employment screening

Almost 50% of Publicly Listed Companies in Malaysia have experienced fraud and 84% of these frauds were committed by internal employees (KPMG Fraud Report 2009). Regardless of the size of your business, Pre-Employment Screening is a necessary hiring practice to avoid troublesome and costly hiring mistakes. Gone are the days of simple reference checks and phone calls to screen new employees.

Pre-Employment Screening or Background Check is the process of conducting checks or verifications to determine the identity, experience, reputation, and credentials of prospective new employees. It enables employers/companies to see a much fuller picture by verifying known factual data, through researching a wide spectrum of sources of information to determine the prospective employees suitability.

It is crucial that employers protect themselves against accidents and crimes committed by their employees. Pre-Employment Screening is considered commonplace in today's world because employers recognize that the success of their businesses depend on the quality and character of their employees.



Pre-employment screening can help make new-hire training less expensive and time consuming. If the wrong candidate is selected for a job, valuable payroll dollars are wasted. Your company must spend additional time on bringing the new employee up to speed, or worse, you are faced with a quick turnover forcing another round of job interviews.

When hiring new employees, making sure that you hire the right candidate for the job is essential. Relying on “seat-of-the-pants” feelings about candidates abilities is a poor way to hire when tools are available – and expected – that assess candidates in a fair fashion.

A pre-employment skills assessment is critical when you need someone to start their new job with specific job-related skills or experience. Pre-employment test assessments helps weed out unqualified candidates early in the job filling process. Besides the time and money savings, having quantitative data that support your hiring decisions protects you from being faulted for discriminatory practices.


Testmyskills employment screening software will help determine who in your candidate pool has the best skills to start with, who has been honest about their experience, and who might provide the best training for future hires. Since our tests can be customized to fit your job profiles, your Testmyskills tests will be thorough, relevant, and highly defensible.


Since the introduction of our job-based testing in 2009, Testmyskills has been the premier pre-employment screening service for job skills testing. There are several fundamental reasons why modern companies now require pre-employment screening tests .

A pre-employment background check establishes truthfulness in the application, and indicates whether there is a tendency towards delinquent behavior.
A pre-employment skills assessment can give quantitative data about your applicants skills to help protect your companies hiring decisions from discrimination litigation

Testmyskills tests, unlike the static, single-subject tests commonly available, are each customized from multiple subjects to fit your job requirements. Testmyskills offers testing in the following areas:

IT (such as Web Development, Operating Systems, Application Development, etc.)
Office Software (including Adobe and MS Office)
Typing Tests and Data Entry(including 10-Key Data Entry, General Typing, etc.)
Language skills