Why Test Employee

Why Test Employee
As an employer, you must be clearer than ever on what metrics are the crucial drivers for performance-based pay and you must document these metrics. Otherwise, your decisions on compensation and promotion might be interpreted as preferential, unfair, or discriminatory.

Testmyskills provides a tool to easily and inexpensively measure and document each of your current employees job-related knowledge, plus track improvements in that knowledge over time.

With Testmyskill, you can Set up a customized test for each job type
Have every applicable employee take a test
Use the test results to lend statistical support to your hiring, promoting, and compensation decisions.

Your employees will also benefit from the Testmyskills experience. Our score reports feature detailed answer solutions, as well as a thorough skills-gap analysis, educating the test-takers and making them newly aware of key areas for improvement.

For as little as candidate tested, Testmyskills is one of the best investments you can make to protect your company's assets.
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